Paul-Hindemith-Gesellschaft in Berlin e.V.




If you are a concertgoer with an interest to experience music performances by highly talented, advanced students -or occasional script readings by upcoming performers- it is worthwhile to take a look at our Calendar of Events.

The concerts give our scholarship students the opportunity to share their artistic abilities with audiences while gaining onstage experience. Some chamber concerts, the so-called teachers concerts, are arranged with the participation of professional teaching artists of and musicians with close ties to UdK Berlin to also benefit our scholarship students.

Admission to the concerts is free. We would, however, much appreciate a monetary contribution that goes toward financing the scholarships.
Three or four times a year we publish a newsletter to inform about upcoming concerts. Use this contact link if you wish to receive it.

To attend you need a ticket that must  be ordered from us online.
Scroll down this page to the upcoming concert dates for the ticket Reservation link.
We recommend that you make your ticket reservation early because our concerts are popular and sell out very quickly.

Performance Venue
Joseph-Joachim-Konzertsaal of UdK at Bundesallee 1-12.

Currently there are no concerts scheduled for which reservations can be made.