Purpose of the Paul-Hindemith-Society in Berlin and membership

The purpose of the Paul-Hindemith-Society in Berlin is to promote education to the general public, vocational education, including assistance to students, and to further art and culture.

This goal is put into practice:

  • by financial assistance in the form of scholarships and study allowances to students at the colleges of music and performing arts of the Berlin University of Arts
  • by supporting events at the Berlin University of Arts which are open to everybody.

The activities of the Society can be supported by your membership. Individuals, but also enterprises and organizations can become members.

The annual membership fee which is due when joining the Society, and in the following years on February 1, may be fixed by the member. The minimum fee amounts to 20 Euros for individuals, and to 65 Euros for enterprises and organizations.

You will find a declaration of accession in the download area.